In today's society, the most important factor that determines the development of enterprises is not capital, technology, not system, but the high sense of responsibility of people. Talent is the most valuable wealth of an enterprises, is the link to maintain enterprises, is the soul of the company. Shanghai Jiawen Performance Industries Co.,Ltd. has always believed in the people-oriented management concept, attached importance to the development and training of talents, and tried its best to create various conditions for the growth of talents, so as to retain people with career, development and culture. Giving full play to the intelligence of the staff makes the enterprise develop and grow, the development and growth of the enterprise reflect the value of the staff themselves.


We have always adhered to the principle of Horse racing does not evaluate horses one-sidedly. "performance is better than seniority, ability is higher than education" and "both moral and talented" are used as employment standards to encourage employees to display their talents. At the same time, if an  company wants to develop, it must constantly improve the overall quality of its employees. The company has put forward the slogan of "training is the greatest welfare of employees, development is the best return for employees", actively create good learning and training conditions, carry out planned training for their own employees, fully explore the potential of employees, and promote the growth of talents.

Through carrying out a series of activities like human resources diagnostics and employee training, we have converted the advanced human resources management philosophies into a workable system based on our own characteristics.This involves the further adjustment of our organizational structure, human resources personnel allocation, and human resources management division, etc.. Besides, we have constructed the personnel management system, labor management system, and performance evaluation system. These systems are utilized in constantly improving the level of human resources management, mobilizing the enthusiasm of employees, and promoting the continuous progress of enterprises.

We firmly believe that talent is the real driving force of enterprise development, employees are the wings for us to take off, we are the stage for employees to display, employees and us like lips and teeth depending on each other, only for common development. Therefore, we advocate people-oriented management thought, carry out people-oriented management policy, and put forward "the management of the enterprise is the management of talents; the competition of theindustry is the competition of talents."In addition, we have also proposed the modern corporate human resources management philosophies of putting personnel first, regarding talents as resources, and achieving dynamic talent management.

With the concept of only ability, meritocracy, learning to apply, all-round development, and in line with the principle of "Displaying the advantages of employing people and tolerating their shortages", we carry out the profit dividend system for managers to find the most suitable position for each employee and the most suitable employee for each position. We strengthen training and learning, provide employees with the opportunity of training and learning, take the road of development of learning-oriented enterprises. In order to arouse the enthusiasm of employees to study, we vigorously carry out three comparisons (Comparing ideals, technology and contribution), three innovations (create beautiful environment, create good order, create civilized units), praise and reward the winners, and form a strong learning atmosphere within the enterprise. The employees make the best of their talents and makes the best use of their talents. Follow the principle"synchronous recruitment and training, internal and external combination, both moral and talented”, we give employees the stage of entrepreneurship and opportunities for development. Enterprises accept reasonable suggestions from employees at any time, enterprises and employees interact, form a good atmosphere for enterprises to be kind to employees, employees love the good atmosphere of the enterprise. By cultivating employees' sense of honor and stimulating enthusiasm for work in various ways, we create an environment and atmosphere that combines standardized management with humanistic management.

Sticking to the principle of "respect for people, trust people, and understand people", we ensure all employees that they can develop their careers here. Under the influence of "people-oriented" corporate culture, we encourage each employee with "self-reliance,love factory with dedication, pioneering spirit, cooperation and dedication” , link all the staff's heart and enterprise closely together, create greater valuefor the enterprise and the society!

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