As the supplier of automobile exhaust system, the development speed is the fastest in recent years. We know that talents are the key guarantee for the long-term stability of enterprises. We have become one of China's auto parts manufacturers, and we also know that every step of progress must be based on talents. So we continue to improve and improve the management level, and at the same time to find and absorb excellent talents! The company's primary strategic goal is to become a standardized and exemplary employer of all nationalities, nationalities, levels and ages.

Human Resources

We always put people first

Focus on achieving a win-win situation for the company and employees


Under the guidance of the company’s talent strategy, we expand the personal development space of employees actively, and design the development plan of  personalized occupational career for employees. Stand on the advanced and perfect enterprise management system and the training system, and let employees better realize the combination of their own value and the company’s value based on their interests and advantages so as to realize the common growth of the employees themselves and the company.

Operation Management

1. Be honest and abide by the laws——Abide by the relevant laws and regulations of the state.

2.  Respect employees——and give them proper rights and dignities Give employees reasonable treatments according to the national relevant labor laws. 

3. Protect the environment——Recognize the responsibilities and requirements of protecting environment from the perspective of protecting the global environment and the local environment, and take corresponding measures to protect the environment.

Health and Security

As a supplier of automobile parts in China, we also pay much attention to the occupational health of employees as servicing customers and developing the company. 

The company builds the management system for occupational health and security by the international standard of OHSAS18001.

Meanwhile, It organizes free physical examination for employees periodically each year and builds healthy archives.  

Energy-saving and Cost-reducing

Energy-saving and cost-reducing is not just saving water and electricity in the traditional awareness. What’s more is controlling different environment factors in the comprehensive operation of the enterprise. 

In Jiawen plant, energy-saving and cost-reducing is bringing a certain economic benefit to the enterprise, and it has become a environmental strategy of the enterprise and been used in different operation activities. 

Environment Protection

Environment protection is a systematic engineer. Jiawen Company tries to recall the wide concern and participation of the whole society at the same time of practicing. 

Protect our environment, protect our animals, and protect our earth.

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